Thursday, September 3, 2009

JDHS - First Day

Steven attend his first day at JDHS today. He seems to have enjoyed it. JDHS runs on a block schedule so today he had English, Biology, PE and Alegabra. Tomorrow he will have all of his classes which will include Guitar and American History.
He came home with papers to sign, classroom expectations and his Bio class takes walking field trips that he needed a permission slip signed for. Uncle Bob and I are excited about that, hoping that Steven will be able to help us identify plants and trees while out on our hikes.
He said that he hasn't made it to his locker yet, but hopefully today. He did get his student id, he is now a Crimson Bear. I will attach a link to JDHS on this site that you all may check out his new school.
He's happy and feels good about his classes and being here this summer he already knows some of his classmates and has co-workers in class. Which I would have to imagine feels good to not be in a sea of complete strangers.
Good start Steven - we are all so proud of you! Aunt Molly and Uncle Bob

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