Thursday, September 3, 2009

JDHS - First Day

Steven attend his first day at JDHS today. He seems to have enjoyed it. JDHS runs on a block schedule so today he had English, Biology, PE and Alegabra. Tomorrow he will have all of his classes which will include Guitar and American History.
He came home with papers to sign, classroom expectations and his Bio class takes walking field trips that he needed a permission slip signed for. Uncle Bob and I are excited about that, hoping that Steven will be able to help us identify plants and trees while out on our hikes.
He said that he hasn't made it to his locker yet, but hopefully today. He did get his student id, he is now a Crimson Bear. I will attach a link to JDHS on this site that you all may check out his new school.
He's happy and feels good about his classes and being here this summer he already knows some of his classmates and has co-workers in class. Which I would have to imagine feels good to not be in a sea of complete strangers.
Good start Steven - we are all so proud of you! Aunt Molly and Uncle Bob

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A meeting with the counselor

This afternoon we meet with Steven's counselor at JDHS. She took time with Steven and presented his options to him. She worked with him to set up a class schedule and his first day school is tomorrow. He has the following classes this semester:
American History
English Composition (I think that's the name of it, I don't have my notes here at school).
Tonight we went and picked up school supplies. They were pretty wiped-out, I didn't even find what I needed - but Steven found some things to get him started and we will pick up whatever else he needs as we go. He picked up a backpack for himself that I must say is pretty sharp. He was pretty giddy tonight getting his supplies around and packing his bag. He was talking a mile a minute and smiling, he even said that it would be the first time in his life he was excited about homework! I am not sure if he will sleep much or not, but it is pretty neat to see him so excited. I am saying prayers for him that he has an awesome first day and that the momentum cares into the following two years of serious work for him. We all believe that he has the ability to be successful - Aunt Molly

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Steven's Alaskan Adventure Continues

There have been many decisions made over the past week, wow - it's only been a couple of weeks - about Steven's future. He has been contemplating it for a bit longer, but for Uncle Bob and I it's been a couple of weeks. It's been agreed that Steven will continue to live in Juneau with Uncle Bob and I and attend Juneau-Douglas High School. We are in the process of completing his registration. It will be a different life for all of us, but we have laid the ground work and are just going to focus on one semester at a time. Aunt Molly

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Blue Mussel Cabin

This was a perfect hike out to the cabin. It's fairly short and not much elevation so when you get to the cabin you're not exhausted. Uncle Bob and Steven spent lots of time fishing and before bed played some dice. Aunt Molly made it here "job" to read "The Time Travelers' Wife". It was a wonderful overnight hike. Aunt Molly

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Eagle Glacier Cabin

This was a bit of a tough trail - but we made it and the view was worth the effort. We only stayed for one night - the next morning we planned to hike the trail to Eagle Glacier thinking it would be a "walk in the woods". Foolish us, why we didn't read the trail book before we left, who knows. When we started to climb rock Aunt Molly "wimped out". Whatever, I wasn't prepared for that. We also have 5 miles to hike out that day, so we headed back to the cabin. The hike out came with a little treat - "a very big, very big bear" - as Bob kept repeating. We made lots of noise and I am sure that Steven thought we were nuts, but those things can bite your face of (that would be the article in the paper that I read the day before we did this hike)! We made it back, tired, but safe. Aunt Molly

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Petterson Lake Cabin

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Skate Day

Steven was finally able to replace the board that he broke just a few days after arriving here. He told us that today was Skate Day and he really wanted to get out and skate. Uncle Bob took him over to the skate park and he and I and Rosco ended up napping for the afternoon. Tomorrow we may get out for a hike. Aunt Molly